Need help with choosing a good ssd

Hello guys,

I'll make a new build soon and i'm planning to get a 120 GB ssd. The problem is that i can choose out 3 ssd's :(
I can choose through these:
SanDisk SSD
Kingston SSDNow V300
Crucial M500
They are all 120 GB and here are the specs (traslated to english with google translate)
Thanks for reading

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    I would get the Kingston V300. It has the all around best performance. It has the slowest Sequential Read at 450 MB/s but it has the fastest Sequential Write at 450 MB/s and the fastest 4KB R/W IOPS.

    Personally, I'd get the Samsung EVO.
  2. Yeah the evo does that the only thing is it's 10 euro more then the kingston. Also they aren't that much different at read and write right?
  3. You probably won't be able to notice the difference between the two unless you do larger data transfers. The EVO has been known to be the fastest SSD for the price.

    Edit: I'd give you some benchmarks but I can't find one with the Kingston and the Samsung in the same one.
  4. Thanks.
  5. No Problem Thanks for helping me :)
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