Horizontal lines displaying when watching YouTube videos.


I recently did a fresh and new install of my Windows 7 64 bit.
This fixed a lot of driver-related issues that I had in games.
Everything has been fine so far. The only problem I'm experiencing right now is when I'm watching YouTube videos it would sometimes display horizontal lines across my whole screen. My computer doesnt freeze, neither does it sound louder or quieter then usual. I cant ctrl-alt-del out of it to open taskmanager.

This is what it looks like;

This is what taskmanager looks like;

I'm running a custom build with a HD7970 3GB at 1000/1400 (stock OC) on a BenQ XL2420TX in any internet browser.

This doesnt happen on any other kind of video streaming websites.
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  1. Just had a look at my cables attached to the HD7970, the 2 6-pin's were connected securelly, but the 2 2-pins werent. I fixed them will update if the problem still exists.

    Havent got the crash yet. It seems to be fixed. Will report if it happends again.

    But what seems to be weird about this is the following, I havent touched the cables before I did the fresh install of my Windows. And I didnt have the issue before that.
  2. BUMP,

    Happend again just now. After upgraded to the latest AMD driver 14.3.
  3. I'm having the exact same problem and have the same graphics card and also only while trying to watch Twitch and Youtube videos. My screen even looks exactly like that when it crashes. I've already RMA'd this card and had to replace a fan and have had it just over a year. XFX HD7970 Double D. and I run the clock at 925MHz and 1375MHz memory clock which were the default settings when I initially installed the card.

    I am running it with a Gigabyte Z77X UP4-TH mobo, i7-3770K, 16Gb Vengeance ram and an 850W PSU, 120Gb intel SSD, and a 2tb HDD. Windows 7 professional 64-bit.

    I've updated AMD drivers, flash player, shockwave, java, re-installed chrome, and have tried multiple browsers and it's always the same issue. I even tried using the beta html5 player for youtube and still had the same issue to see if I could rule out flash player. I know chrome uses a flash plug-in and I tried disabling that as well, and different combinations of having the plugin enabled or disabled with the full version of flash running. Same issue every time. Just for kicks I cleared the chrome cache, and did a really thorough virus and malware sweep and nothing turned up.

    This just started yesterday and I've been watching multiple youtube videos per day since I set up this PC over a year ago. I can't recall changing anything at all, and as far as I know all of my hardware has the latest versions of all drivers.

    But, I can still play battlefield 4 just fine, and can watch videos off of and can even watch youtube links embedded on facebook without any issues. I'm kind of out of ideas.
  4. It's been a while now since it's crashed now, and I gave up on finding solutions because 1. it doesnt happen with every video like only with 1/20 of the videos I watch and 2. If I close the browser as quick as possible, it goes back to normal on my background.
  5. Happend just now again trying to watch 47 Ronin in 1080p in Windows Media Player.
  6. WOW I'm having the same issue and I'm also running an XFX Black Edition 7970 and I RMA'd it just 3 weeks ago and they said nothing was wrong with it.

    little edit: also what is everyone else's idle temps? and manufacture date if you know how to access that or just give a specific month or time when you got it. I received mine on march the 15th and my GPU idles on 63C Also I contacted XFX support and sent them a link to this thread to see how they would respond. Hopefully we'll get an answer or some response by monday.
  7. I have the ASUS HD7970 DC2T 3GD5 with 3GB. The idle temps are between 46°C and 60°C when the computer has been running a bit longer.
    I have no idea when this card rolled off the band but I received it from my retailer the 28th March of 2012. I havent RMA'd it, neither have I contacted ASUS about it because this issue only began a few days ago.

    Edit: just had a look at the box, made in January.
  8. I wonder why it only happens on the first screen and not on the second. If I unplug the first screen it moves to the second screen meaning it is not a monitor issue. I've swapped out CPU's and it still happens. And if you take a screenshot while it happens using puush and check the image it shows up completely normal meaning its a display artifact and exists on a hardware level and connectivity.

    There seems to be some sort of correlation between the issue and the date our cards rolled off the lines. Maybe some cards made during some period in january from 2 vendors suffer the same issue and both use custom PCB and their own BIOS. So it must be a manufacturing defect or maybe they were 7970's that were going to be binned to be 7950's but someone decided to keep them as 7970's.

    I've also had issues in game with this card in the past of flickering blocks on the screen which is an indicator of corrupted VRAM. I RMA'd it and they said nothing was wrong with it but they'll still send another card and this time I RMA'd it they said they were confident it was fine when it kinda clearly isn't. I'm not really talking down about the customer service of XFX (which on the first RMA I had a poor experience and on the second one they got it together and responded within minutes instead of days) moreover as their quality control or maybe its an innate issue that will happen to all 7970's one day and AMD will take notice of it.

    Either way it is certainly frustrating to have to restart everytime you watch a video and it happens even with my SSD's fast boot up time its still a hassle and we should not have to tolerate this.
  9. This issue only start happening a good week ago for me, before that the issue never happend. My card works perfectelly fine in every game I play. Artifacts tend to start showing up once my card hits over 80C which only happends when benchmarking with Furmark.
  10. My card runs between 50-60 degrees because I also have two monitors, one running at 144hz. I also believe it's a hardware issue, and definitely related to the card itself because this weekend I did a few experiments.

    I uninstalled the amd drivers while keeping the card in my system and still had the video crashes. Then I removed the card entirely and enabled my onboard graphics and the videos played just fine. So I know it's not some other part of my hardware failing. I then re-inserted the card with my onboard graphics still enabled but without installing the amd drivers and the videos crashed again when I routed my monitors through the card. I re-installed the amd drivers and the videos still crashed.

    But, I played battlefield and watched a few movies on itunes for multiple long stretches and never had a single issue. But yes, dovah, I also have had problems with this particular card in the past with artifacts in games. The temperatures were normal but I still had artifacts in far cry 3 and borderlands 2. I RMA'd the card and they sent it back to me saying there was nothing wrong. I'm fairly certain they replaced the card, or either modified the bios, because I have to manually set the card clock speeds now whenever I update my drivers because the card behaves as if it's a GHz edition of the card and the new default clock speeds cause the card to crash. But if I set it to the previous defaults of 925 and 1375 I never have any issues.

    I've also sent a message to XFX support but haven't heard back from them yet. If you hear something please pass on the info.
  11. I just found out that the screen stays totally functionable and it's only happening on my 120hz monitor, my other one that is only 60hz is fine no tearing or any artifacts like in the picture.
  12. I got an email back from XFX just recently and as a result I disabled hardware acceleration on youtube videos and twitch streams. So far it's been working and I can watch youtube videos again. I'm not sure if it'll remain a permanent fix but so far so good.
  13. That was one of the first things I tried, I had no luck with that.
  14. @Thitn, did you managed to resolve the issue? I am having the same issue since i got my 144hz monitor.
    Disabling hard acc. resolved it for now.

  15. Hey My monitor does the exact same. I have fixed the issue with google chrome by disabling Hardware Acceleration but it sometimes happens on startup for me. As it only happens on my 1st monitor and not my second I think it may be the monitor that can't handle the change in GPU speed. Not really sure but when I connect my old monitor back up the problem never happens so I think I may get the monitor replaced and see if that fixes it.

    AMD really need an option in CCC to disable Hardware acceleration.... That would solve the problem for me.
  16. I have the EXACT same problem, difference is i am running an HD7850.
    This probably is a problem related to the specific chip and not limited to specific refreshrate monitors.

    May i ask what ports you are using for your display(s)

    Since it only seems to have effect on so few people.
    I am using the dvi port with an adapter to vga, and a minidisplayport with another vga adapter
  17. Dylansan said:
    I have the EXACT same problem, difference is i am running an HD7850.
    This probably is a problem related to the specific chip and not limited to specific refreshrate monitors.

    May i ask what ports you are using for your display(s)

    Since it only seems to have effect on so few people.
    I am using the dvi port with an adapter to vga, and a minidisplayport with another vga adapter

    Hey, sorry I wont be much of a help, I've fixed this problem ages ago, and I have no idea what I did or changed to any of my software and hardware.
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