does my i5 3470 bottleneck my R9 290X

at start i got 60 fps on ultra in ARMA 3 after 30 min of playing i got 30 fps same for bf4 is my cpu the problem?
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  1. maybe, or it might be the gpu
  2. that is the worst possible awnser you can give now i even have more questions ! haha
  3. may be heat is the issue cause cpu and gpu downgrades there performance as temperature rises . . check your temperature on start and then when fps go down
  4. There should be no bottleneck. I would check your temps.
  5. You should post your whole build first, then we could see if there's any obvious issue. I would suggest that you play the game and follow the temperatures, and listen for any obvious noise if any fans go spinning crazy to try cool something down.
  6. logainofhades said:
    There should be no bottleneck. I would check your temps.

    +1 for this.

    If it starts out high and then drops it sounds like CPU and GPU heat saturation inside your case. You may need to improve air circulation with higher RPM side and top vent fans.
  7. i allready checked gpu temp top is 75 *C but r9 can handle 95 before it starts loosing performence is there a program to check cpu temp ?
  8. full build is

    I5 3470
    R9 290X
    16 corsair 1600 gb ram
    1 tbb
    750 watt
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    man thats heat issue . as i said earlier check temps when playing and when you report low fps . . there isn't any bottleneck issue
  10. i'm kind of a noob if it comes to oc and checking heat what program do you recommand for checking the heat of my cpu and if my cpu *C is to high were can i turn up the fan speed ... :)
  11. GPU-Z and CPU-Z. Maybe AIDA64.
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