Is this a legit version of windows 7?

Hey I saw this on ebay and wanted to know if this was a legit version of windows 7. The seller has sold 168 of them with 100% positive feedback but its half price the lowest windows 7 OS on PCPartPicker.
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    if he is selling that exact thing, it will ONLY work on Dell PC's
  2. There is no way to know for sure but with that much positive feedback, I would trust it.
    There are many ways to get cheap Win7's. So that price isn't really that unheard of.
  3. Can you elaborate on the different ways? I know students get a discounted price (unfortunately I just graduated last year) but isn't that an upgrade version? There are a ton of them on ebay selling from £40-70. The majority of them are those dell discs and they claim they can be used on any brand of pc (I'm building one myself). There's also some on amazon, like you can see here.

    There's one here and if you read the reviews a guy says it was home premium, not professional. He say's it works but that there were dell logo's on various locations. There's only 1 one star review and that's because the guy is not happy with the performance of win 7.

    CCL online sell the home premium version for £69 and they are a trusted online website.
  4. I'm thinking the seller on amazon called First Class IT Services might be legit but they sell win 7 64 bit home premium and professional for same price (£59.99). The windows 7 disk looks just like the ones from your link. See here for all their products, looks like they sell the dell ones for £47.99 and the regular ones for £59.99.
  5. this is the one you want, unless you want to run XP in a VM, then get the Pro version
  6. OEM is locked to motherboards. The one that corroded suggested is what you want to run.
  7. I bought my dell computer off of ebay, it didnt come with the software for windows. I wish i would have looked for a computer that came with the software now, cause i have to re-install windows 7.
  8. JJ... get a dell disk set. the Dell has a service code sticker on it that will get you the correct set for that system. Dell support...
  9. Well that you suggested corroded is now listed as not available which sucks. Are there any others you can find?
  10. I just searched and that was on in the UK... Google is your friend. :-) or scroogle, if paranoid.
  11. Is this legit? The DVD says intended for distribution with a refurbished PC.

    There's also this one on amazon, sold by amazon themselves for £60 but the DVD has the same message on it about intended for refurbished pc.
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