Two different graphics cards for two monitors

Hey everyone I would like some expert opinion on this.

So I have my own desktop at school with the following specs:

Windows 8
z77 extreme4
gigabyte gtx 760 windforce rev 2.0 with 4gbs of VRAM

Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like the card isn't giving me my desired 60 fps on League of Legends on the howling abyss map with two monitors when the graphics settings are set at max and the game is running on borderless instead of fullscreen. I am only getting an average of ~40-50 fps on the ARAM map and an average of ~80 fps on the normal map.


I'm currently back at home and found an old GT 430. What would happen exactly if I brought it back to school and just hooked up the second monitor to the GT 430? Would the GT 430 be relieving the gtx 760 of some of the processing power? Or would it make no difference?

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  1. the two would not work together at all. Only one card would work. sorry but this will not help your situation at all.
  2. so even if i used them independently there wouldn't be any performance increase for my 760?
  3. they will not work independently. they will cause a conflict and crash the PC.
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    the only help it may give is if you use it as a PhysX card but that will only help in games that actually use PhysX.
  5. alright thanks !
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