Will this PSU be enough for an MSI GTX 780?

Hi! I'll be building my first computer this summer and i was wondering if this PSU will be enough for a MSI gtx 780. Thanks!
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    peak power consumption for that 780 is 196w
    unless you have a 9xxx series amd cpu your cpu/mem/chipset tdp will be less than 200w
    this is 400w
    your psu supports 636w on its 12v rail so it will handle your system and have plenty of head room. seasonic is a very good choice as well
  2. That card is rated for upto 250 watts(default power limit) and Nvidia recommends 600 watts for a full system.

    You are fine.
  3. prices will vary by the summer time so a general rule of thumb is go for seasonic, xfx, or corsair (ax,hx,tx) psu's

    also the 8xx series gpu's might be out by then so keep an eye out for those as well too. they will have better performance then the 7xx series
  4. Awesome, thank thank you both for your answers!
  5. no problem
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