Can't connect to my internet connection after installing windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

hey guys i guess you guys read the title and now know what im talking about. anyway after reinstalling my os from windows 8.1 to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit my internet was not connecting. i plugged it in through ethernet and wifi and it didnt work. i know its not my internet because everything else in the house is working well and this was right after i restored my computer. (HP P7-1410). I think it has something to do with my drivers because when i troubleshooted it it said my realtek ethernet adapter wasnt functioning. anyway i need help quick because i only have 1 week off to do whatever i want then my break is done and over with. I have a usb flash drive and another computer to work with but this is my moms so cant use this one. i can download drivers though. my computer is an hp pavilion p7 1410. i tried to download the driver from the website off hp but they only provide windows 8 downloads and windows 8.1. thanks so much and please respond quickly
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  1. you need to find the proper drivers for the Ethernet and the wireless card before they will work. If you know which wireless card and ethernet connection you have you can look them up and find win 7 drivers for them but it will not be easy.
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    Hello Ameer,

    head to
    on another computer and download the driver for Windows 7 you see there - these are "reference" drivers direct from the Manufacturer, so should work, but if HP has "customized" their hardware and driver it may not work. It won't hurt to try that driver first though. Good luck
  3. I can't connect wifi on PC windows 7 ultimate again and again trouble shooting is coming
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