HD 5570 1GB DDR5 vs HD 5670 1GB DDR3

As The Title Says

Which Card Is Better

5570 DDR5 -
Memory Bus -128 Bit
Memory bandwidth - 57.6 GB/s
Pixel rate - 5.2 GPixel/s
Texture rate - 13 GTexel/s
Floating-point performance - 520 GFLOPS

5670 DDR3 -
Memory Bus -128 Bit
Memory bandwidth - 25.6 GB/s
Pixel rate - 6.2 GPixel/s
Texture rate - 15.5 GTexel/s
Floating-point performance - 620 GFLOPS

As U Can See 5570 Have Almost Twice The Bandwidth But 5670 Have 20% More Fillrate

So Which Of The Cards U Would Suggest.

P.S - Both Are Priced Similar And I Cant/Wont Go Any Higher (Regarding The Price)

I Heard The More Fillrate U Have The More New Games U Can Play With Minimum FPS (Anything Above 17 FPS Is Acceptable Really)

System Specs - Core 2 Duo - E6570 @ 2.66 Ghz
4 Gb Ram
400W PSU
Intel DG31PR - Mobo
Monitor Asus V Series Max Res - 1440x900

The System Is Almost 8 Years Old And I Use It In My Granny's House Where Kids Play Games Like Crysis, Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3, XCom, Bioshock Infinite, Sins Of A Solar Empire Rebellion, Starcraft II, Dark Souls, Prototype II, NFS MW 2012, NFS Rivals, Amazing Spider Man, Batman Arkham city And Pretty Much Anything They Can Get Their Hands On

They Have Been Playing On 9400 GT 1 GB But The Card Died Recently So I Think This Is More Than A Good Upgrade

So Which Of These Cards Would U Guys Suggest

P.S - I Wont Be Upgrading That PC Any Sooner (Maybe After 3 ~ 4 Years) Cause I Got My Own Expenses And Bills To Pay

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  1. I would say 5670 is about 30 percent better. I guess you can try to breakdown video card by the stats, but at the game benchmarks tell you everything you will need to know about the performance of different cards.
  2. Well Ty For The Answer

    But I Wanted To Know Which Is More Important

    Fill Rate Or Bandwidth
  3. Best answer
    I would say fill rate. You just compare older card with new cards and fill increases a lot more over time. Gtx 780ti only has 2.5x more bandwidth than gtx 480, but has a Texture rate 5.5x more and the exact tmus have a lot to do with that. With being said, the all work together to produce an image so better card are going to have better specs in every way.
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