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KK so my hate for windows has gone up a notch or two (IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!?). I was gaming and I close the game. PC freezes and won't log off, won't get out of game mode, won't do diddley squat. Classic vista. I force a shut down and I go to start it up. Black screen. I boot it up in safe mode, do some stuff, and boot it up again. It booted up, but i can't truthfully say it works because vista never works. Except when you are trying to make your friends feel stupid when they're on your computer. Then it works great! But seriously, when do you try that? Anyways, now steam won't work and my computer is screwed. Is there anyway to tweak vista so that it actually works? Thanks!
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  1. Can't fix steam....Someone shoot me.....
  2. Reinstalled steam and it works. Anything for vista?
  3. Just crashed again. It said windows explorer is not working and then it crashed. Blue screen and it said kernal stack inpage error. Anybody know how to fix this?
  4. Nobody? It crashed again last night....
  5. Can i get some help please? Anyone?
  6. Seeing as most, if not all, of us failed "Clairvoyance 101" in college, and you have yet to provide any sort of detail, such as exact error message/code, what specific application/s, what is listed in the event log, what, specifically you have tried, etc., you're unlikely to get much of a response.
  7. What are your specs anyway, vista is good. I got tons of crashes on many Operating Systems (8, 7 XP Vista) but that doesnt mean that they suck.
    I never hated an OS because it sucks from the performance/stability point of view
  8. I have never had big performance crashes with XP. My specs are 4 gigs of ram, vista is 64 bit, i have an i3, and everything worked fine until one day it stopped working.
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