Overclocked information displayed on CPU-Z

I am using a fx 6300 with a Asus m5a97 R2.0 mobo.

I fired up CPu-Z and noticed that the voltage and the Clock speed is not what it I set it to be in the BIOS.

It is lower than it should be, so I restarted and went to the Bios and showed that it should be clocked at 4.2 ghz at 1.3V as the core voltage.

What is happening?

I did the settings yesterday and CPU-Z displayed it correctly. Now today, it is incorrectly displayed.
I went to restart my computer and got a BSOD. D:
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    Your system is under clocking and under volting. Run a stress test and check the CPU-Z. If you don't like it doing this you can change the CPU Halt in your BIOS under Advanced BIOS Features, CPU Enhanced Halt(C1E). This may help...
  2. i have close to the same set up use HWiNFO64 its way better it let you look at current min, max, average for everything every core all the temps, ram , hdd, ssd, motherboard temps its just better
  3. Ok so for CPu and NB voltage should I set it to offset or manual mode?
  4. manual mode
  5. zachparr2442 said:
    manual mode

    OK for the AMD fx6300 what do you recommend for the Vcore voltage?

    I am guessing setting the Vcore to 1.3 is too low for it to run 4.2 ghz.
  6. I would start there and bump it up as needed to get your system stable. Use a stress tester to check your stability like Prime95 or what ever you prefer.
  7. What happen if the processor have too low voltage?
  8. mine right now is at 4.2ghz and im at 1.356 i would start a little higher then run the test then if that works bump it down by one click and run again then repeat that so you can find the lowest volts for that OC. i know its time consuming but its really the only way
  9. PcmanX1 said:
    What happen if the processor have too low voltage?

    It becomes unstable and will not boot into Windows or you get Windows BSOD when it does. Just bump the voltage if this happens or bring your over clock down until it is stable with the voltage you set.
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