Help Choosing a Monitor!

So my old monitor cut out so its time to get a new one.

Please choose one from this site as this is where i buy all of my parts in New Zealand

My budget is 200-270, maybe could push it if its REALLY worth it

Also i heard IPS is the best? is this correct?
and also whats the best cable to use, VGA, DVI or HDMI?

The monitor will be mainly used for Gaming and watching videos
Thank you in advance

note: you can sort the list from lowest to highest price so its easier to see the ones in my price range
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    any connection involving VGA is the worst way to hook up all the monitors. All the other options will produce the same quality. To make it easy I would go for the DVI-D to DVI-D. it's the only option that can do 144hz

    First = DVI
    second = HDMI
    third ( the worst ) = vga
  2. Ok, so what monitor do you recommend from that site withing the 200-270 ish maybe budget?

    and what about the panel type question?
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