Can this PC support a Dual Monitor setup?

Hi, I'm pretty new to PC's and just had someone critique my build. He made it a better build, and saved me about 200$. With that 200$ saved, I would like to purchase a dual monitor setup. I would have about 400$ total for the two monitors. I think two 23'' monitors would be enough for me, so if there is money saved, that's even better. I want to know if this PC setup can support a Dual monitor, and if so, any suggestions on the monitors to get? Any help is welcomed. Thanks in advance

Here is the link:

PS. I'm pretty locked on this build, I most likely wont be changing it unless absolutely necessary to run a Dual monitor setup.
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  1. Yes. I can run dual monitors off an old 9500GT with ease.
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    Yes your card can support up to four display. I can help with chosing the right monitors, but I would prefer one large screen as opposed to two small ones. I am not telling you its better, but I swapped to 27" inch screen and have not used my second screen since. I recommend this one:
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