Connecting two routers wirelessly, (cant detect 1st router signal on 2nd router)


I' trying to connect two routers wirelessly, one which connected to internet, the other is connected to PC via cable (access point mode) so i can connect the PC to internet through the two routers.

My two routers are ZTE ZXV10 W300 (internet connected, wireless enable and WPA-PSK protected), and D-Link 2730U(access point).

What I don't understand is that when I scan for wireless connections with the D-Link router, it only shows me four or five WiFi networks in my area , while I get like 10-15 wireless networks on my laptop or even my phone. Also, it won't detect the signal from the ZTE router, which I can detect also on my laptop and phone.

Anyone has an idea on whats wrong?

thanks in advance.
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  1. If you are trying to hook the D-Link via wireless to the ZTE and act as an AP. I do not think it will work that way.


    you may be able via eithernet but I think you need an extender or one that has that as an option
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    A access point is acting as a it is providing wireless to end devices. A router is also acting as a server so it only accept connection from a client device. To use your d-link box to connect to the zte router it would have to have a option called client-bridge which it does not. This is exactly the reverse of a AP.
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