Amazon has a lot of 780TI Superclocked for $589 in Used Very Good. Good Deal?

Just wondering if the deal is good. Have there been a lot of issues with the EVGA 780 TI Superclocked cards?
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    Considering the 780 Ti usually starts at about $660, yes, that's a pretty good deal !
  2. I'm only wondering cause Amazon Wharehouse says Used Very good. Used Like New is $609. I'm not sure if I should pull the trigger.
  3. Ok well I ordered the Used - Like New one. It had nothing in the description. I'm hoping for the best. No ACX cooler but that's ok.
  4. Update?
  5. Oh sorry. I got the card and it looked brand new. Everything was sealed in original packaging but the box was damaged. Card works awesome though
  6. What about performance and noise? Was it the reference cooler, or some other EVGA cooler?
  7. Its the reference Cooler. But it works perfectly. Idle temps around 38-40. Game Temps with Batman AO with everything maxed and it gets to 81-83 degrees C
  8. If anyone wants to know, I'd recommend Amazon Warehouse for the 780TI

    Reference Cooler still OC's like a beast and for $590, You can't beat that price for a 780TI
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