Battlefield 4 FPS Drop/Stuttering ?

i don't know what to call about this problem..

i'm planning to buy an original Battlefield 4 game..
so i downloaded it first just to try if my pc can hadle it... and my pc can run it in High + HBAO and no MSAA smoothly,

but after playing about 5 minutes or more it starts the Stuttering or FPS drop ( dunno what call ) to 0 or 1 every time i move.. i'd try to set the graphics to low but it didn't help, i'd try the tweaks found in every site and it didn't help too...
is it because the game is pirated ? or its because of my pc?

this is my PC specs i am using:
AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0 GHz OC'ed to 3.5 Ghz
4GB 1333Mhz Ram
Powercolor HD7730 1GB OC'ed to 900mhz core & 1220Mhz Mem.clock
ASRock N68 VS3 FX board
500GB Western Digital HDD

don't insult me please, help me what parts do i need to upgrade or should i buy
an original game ?

thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.. :)
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    im rusty when it comes to AMD, that is 2 core right? if so, then a quad would help a lot, bf3 loves multi cores, same with bf4.

    also, your highest would be medium settings, 7730 is not exactly power house
  2. its school vacation again.. and will never have a money in 3months T^T

    is the AMD FX-6300 would be enough ? thats all i can buy with a money i have ..
  3. from what i've heard, 6300 is pretty good. BF multi player is cpu demending
  4. I can't see why you get such low fps, you should have at least 25 fps in worst cases. It's probably the CPU that can't handle the load after few minutes..and BF4 is very CPU demanding. But I'm not very sure.
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