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My computer is working fine until the screen goes black. But the mouse, keyboard and the power button on the system unit light is on and also the computer cpu fan is working too. I tried to forcefully shutdown the computer and start it again and the same thing happen at different time interval. I've taken it to a computer technician but they couldn't help. so can you please help me?
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  1. Well first things first you have to test what is the problem the monitor or the graphics card do you have another monitor or perhaps a tv with hdmi, vga or dvi that you could hook up to the pc to test if the graphics card is working.Or do you have a another pc/laptop that could connect to laptop to see if the monitor is working?
  2. If everything stays on, but the screen just goes black it's either the GPU or the monitor. in either case I'm afraid you'll probably just have to buy a new one. Test your system with another GPU or monitor to be sure which one is broken. If it's the monitor make sure of all the simple things like all cables are securily in place. If it's the GPU, make sure it too is in place. If it's the GPU and you have another GPU to try your system with, do that because if it still doesn't work there is something else wrong.
  3. I've changed the monitor and also I've changed the graphics card, but the problem remains the same. The computer works for a few minute or for several hours and the same thing happens. The monitor power just shuts off....
  4. Check out your power plan
    Star->Search->Power Plan-> Screen Timeout or something like that
    I am on Linux at the moment cannot see
  5. i've changed the power plan setting but the problem is still the same....
  6. I do not know what is the problem , did you try the monitor with another pc?
  7. I think you should try unistalling the drivers or install new version
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