Win7 - Random Freezing

Hi all,

I'm experiencing random freezing at least once every 10 minutes to 2 hours. It does not seem to relate to any activity I am doing on the PC but when left overnight / day it will definitely freeze.

After reading a lot of advice on here, I have checked and tested most areas of the PC And Bios. These tweaks have lead me to think it is directly relating to the Memory that I have in the machine over anything else. The last things that I have tried have been to change my timings and mhz of the DRAM in the BIOS and this seems to make the system more and less stable depending what I set it too. I've also experiences a lot of freezes whilst within the Bios which again points me to the physical hardware over the software. I have also checked the windows logs and reliability checks but there is nothing listed.

I've run all of the ASUS diagnostic bits to test and stress test the set up and all passed with flying colours.

I've been keeping an eye on the CPU temperature and it seems consistent at around 25-35C depending on load. I've checked it is firmly pressed against the CPU and even applied a new go of thermal paste.

After searching on the web, I was led to look into the QVL in case the memory has a different configuration to what is printed directly on the sticks. Unless I am not seeing it, my RAM is not actually listed here but from every web search I've made, people all say that it is compatible and my set up is correct (9-9-9-24 @ 1600).

My latest change has been dropping the mhz down to 1333 rather than the AUTO selected 1600 and this has now given me less 10 minute freezes and far more 2 hour crashes but it is still not ideal and will still freeze.

I am currently running a MemTest on it in case the RAM is faulty but this is at 80% with no errors reported (will update in a bit). I can post CPUZ screens shots in a bit but wondered if anyone has any thoughts in the meantime?

PC Set up:
M5A88-V Evo
AMD FX 6100
8G RAM - 2 x 4GB - CORSAIR cmz8gx3m2a1600c9 (installed in 0 and 2 blue slots)
R9 270 Dual-X OC with Boost - 2 GB GDDR5 - PCI-Express - graphics card
Samsung SSD 840 Basic
Windows 7 - 64 Bit

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    Try disabling c1-c/6 e states in bios. I had a problem similar to yours, and this solved it.
  2. david271749 said:
    Try disabling c1-c/6 e states in bios. I had a problem similar to yours, and this solved it.

    Cheers David - This has solved it. Although it is not ideal as I understand the C-States ensure efficient power usage? Therefore it's either a reboot 10 times a day or more cash on energy.. Why is it never easy!?
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