Does my gaming build could play at Medium to Ultra setting on most high end game?

I'm building a budget gaming desktop around $300-$500 without monitor, keyboard, mouse and headset.
It's for Blade and Soul MMORPG, Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Dota 2, AutoCAD.

Here is what I list to buy.

(APU) AMD A8 5600K (FM2 3.9Ghz 4core 4MB Cache)
(Motherboard) GIGABYTE F2A75M-HD2 (HDMI+DVI+VGA /USB 3.0 /2 RAM /1 PCIe /FM2
(GPU) GIGABYTE HD6670 128bit 2GB ddr3
(RAM) Kingston Value RAM D3 1600Mhz 4GB x2
(HDD) Seagate High Performance 1.0TB (HDD Hybrid SSD 7,200rpm) 3.5
(PSU) GIGABYTE Hercules X 580W

Will it able to play at medium to ultra setting?
Does this build work for AutoCAD?
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    6670 is a pretty old and pretty weak GPU, it will barely play the latest games on low. Whats your GPU budget? If you can do $150 go for a AMD R7 265. If you can do $250 then go for a nVidia GTX 760.
  2. What is your entire budget?
    There are no real use for an APU with a dGPU, might aswell get a stronger CPU then.
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