Is 71*C good for my Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 660 2048mb windforce x2 oc version

I don't know if this is a dumb question but wont hurt to ask.....I looked up the max temp on the gigabyte website and couldn't find it, so i decided to look it up on the Nvidia website. The max temp on Nvidia site for the GTX 660 is 97*C, would it be the same max temp for the gigabyte gtx 660 2048mb windforce x2 oc version
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    Your temperature is fine.

    Above 90 I would look at turning up fan speed or reapplying thermal paste but for now you're all good.
  2. Yes, although the newer GTX7xx cards are deliberately limited to 80C and AFAIK Nvidia cards will automatically shut down at about 105C.
  3. lol i just finished overclocking it and it reached 71C and i was like WTF, lol now i don't need to worry about the temp for a while cause it only goes around 71C when i play games and thnx AshyCFC and coozie for the quick replies
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