Can't wake up my computer from sleep mode!!

Recently, my computer stopped allowing me to wake it up from sleep mode. The only way I can start it is by pressing the power button, and that doesn't wake it, rather just reset windows so it says shut down unexpectedly. I'm using a wireless keyboard and a wired mouse. Neither wake the computer. I tried a different keyboard, no luck. I checked the power management properties to allow the device to wake the computer from sleep, and they are checked. I don't know what else to do! Please help!!! (Will post system specs and keyboard and mouse if needed)
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  1. Check all your power connections inside the case and then reset your BIOS. If you are able to get into Windows repair mode, try to do a system restore to a point when your PC was still working. Lastly, install and run MalWareBytes and run it to take care of any viruses.
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