gtx 260 getting too hot as dedicated physx

i have an alienware aurora that came with two gtx 260s in sli , however i have upgraded to a gtx 660 and thought of using the gtx 260 as a dedicated physx card ,but my 260s temps are going above 96 degrees .also geeting lockups and freezes in my games after adding the 260 .im not geeting any psu issues coz the system is working fine ,only while playing games i face this problem .
please help
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  1. Well then you need to get the 260 more air or remove it from your setup.
  2. will my system handle two 660s in sli, also how are the 260s in sli compared to my 660s performance
  3. A single 660 would outperform (2) 260s by quite a bit. A GTX260 max wattage is 182W and a GTX660 is 140W. Therefore, you should be fine running (2) 660's in your system.

    If you are trying to get your 260 to run cooler, I would suggest removing the cooler and cleaning off the factory paste on the GPU and putting on new paste. It could have dried out over time. I've seen this happen before. That or there is a lot of dust built up in the cooler. Use an air compressor and blow out the card really well.
  4. thanks for the reply jay2tall,ill clean both the 260's properly ,also can you suggest me some good gpu thermal paste thats good and cheap ,i stay in india so please consider that aswell coz taxation here is terrible
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    I swear by IC Diamond paste (Innovation Cooling). It's a bit thick, but it will last a long time and transfers heat amazingly. Prior to using that I used Arctic Silver Céramique. It is also thick and will last a great while. I used to use Arctic Silver 5, but it is rather thin and found it can dry out after a year or less. I like paste that you set and forget.
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