GTX780 Ti, 3 24'' Monitors

I am planning on switching to 3 monitor setup each 24'' from a single 30'' screen.
I currently have
Gigabyte X79-UD3 Motherboard
Intel i7 3820 CPU
GTX780 3gb Ti GPU
16gb RAM

Could you post your ideas? Should I go for the 3 monitor set up or not? If so what will I lose etc?
I wish to see other perspectives, oh and since I'm a newb feel free to explain the technical sides also like if the vRam is enough or will I face any problems etc. :)

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  1. If you can, yes! You can do so much multi tasking with 3 monitors. If you are doing 3 monitors for a more "real" perspective in games (like using one as the main and then having the other 2 be like peripheral vision) then you will lose some performance but if you have just one for gaming and the other two have like skype and steam open then you won't lose any performance. Hope this helped!
  2. The 780 Ti is a card made for this kinda stuff. But that doesn't mean you'll be playing 60fps on 3 screens, keep that in mind.
    780 Ti on 3 monitors in BF4 barely stays over 30 FPS. So yes, you can do this, but you'd really need to SLI if you want to hit 60 fps on three monitors.

    If you plan on just gaming on one and doing production on the other two, you'll be way over 60 fps at 1080p on one monitor.

    Quick Edit: ImPrettyIrish hit the nail on the head. You can do a lot with 3 monitors, and the 780 Ti will connect to all of them. But for gaming, you'll take a pretty big hit across all 3. You won't notice a thing slowing down if you use one for gaming and the two for social media/music/etc.
  3. 3GB will be ok if you're running 1080p. You'd run into problems if you ran a ton of mods in games like Skyrim. TechPowerUp ran their review with 3x 1080p monitors on a single 780 Ti:

    Keep in mind the performance you see for games is with settings maxed out completely.

    What you'll be losing is FPS, but what you'll gain will definitely out-weigh that, in my opinion. Plus, if you SLI in the future... :)
  4. You can always minimize the FPS loss by turning down the AA and reducing the details in games.
  5. In order to use 1 screen for game and the others for other tasks don't i need multiple instances of OS running? I mean wouldnt lose focus even If I direct one screen for games and others for other tasks etc?

    By the way thanks for taking the time to reply.
  6. Nope not at all. Windows supports spanning your desktop over multiple displays. You can either make all 3 one very large screen, starting left to right, using "Surround" mode (which is how you would set it to do 3 screen gaming), or use typical "Extend Desktop" to treat each monitor separately to game on one and do your applications on the others. Your social media windows will stay open, some full screen games may "black out" your other two screens, but the info will still be there if you alt-tab out to check your Facebook or something.
  7. The blackout thing is what i'm asking, i mean if it is not borderless-window mode wouldnt any fullscreen just black out the other screens and still require alt tab to operate?
  8. Not necessarily. Most games even in full screen mode won't black out your other two monitors. Some games are just more fussy than others. I know for instance Titanfall and Battlefield 4 don't, Battlefield 3 used to from time to time, but if you tabbed out and tabbed back in, you could see them again. Most games these days will let you still see your other monitors while your game is active.
  9. So rather than 3 monitor system a 2 monitor system with my 30" screen and a smaller side screen would be cool, the smaller one for side task? I'm also asking for personal ideas so please don't hesitate to tell me how you would do? :)
  10. Best answer
    Yeah that would work as well.

    I personally have a 27" that sits to my left at home and a 24" 144 Hz monitor that I do all my gaming on. The 27" i usually have most of my windows open on because of the larger screen real estate, and it works well enough for me.

    If I could though, I'd definitely get two more of my gaming monitor, but I'm not exactly looking to drop on a second Titan as well to get my framerate up into the 60s :\ , so that probably won't happen for awhile yet and I'll stay on my two monitors.
  11. Would I need 2x780 Ti's for it to pop up to 60 frames?

    Does the second screen work as a remote desktop or the extension of what I already have? Because if it works as an extension i will literally have to put it next to my screen rather than above it?

    And my last newbie question can I directly pop a second HDMI cable to the other HDMI output of the GPU and use the second monitor like that instantly?
  12. Yes.

    Extension of your current Desktop, but it doesn't matter where you put it. You can choose how you wish to arrange it in the Windows Resolution Menu or Nvidia Control Panel. If you move it above it in the Nvidia control panel and hit apply, when you move your mouse up it'll travel up to the screen up top.

    Yes, assuming that you have your other monitor hooked up via another port. Most 780 Ti's come with 2x DVI ports, a Display Port, and an HDMI Port.

    As seen in the photo, you could grab Monitor 2 and move it on top of Monitor 1, if you desired.
  13. Finally I can also use 1 HDMI port for my gaming screen and 1 DVI for the above screen right? However I will not get sound output from the screen I connected with DVI right?

    Also are HDMI ports on GPUs very fragile? Does a little force pushing the HDMI cable break it? :) On my old gtx580 the Mini HDMI port was broken out of place when I did not use any extra force? I do not want to ruining/damaging my GPU since I can not easily reach the back of my case.
  14. Yes, you are correct.

    I haven't had any issues with the HDMI port on my GTX Titan. But I mean, you know, don't ram it in there :P But the usual gentle force seems to work fine. I know what you're talking about though. The mini HDMI port on my friend's GTX 460 was awfully crappy too.
  15. So the things I do on the upper (DVI) screen will have no sound at all right?
  16. They will still have sound. But if the upper monitor has speakers, it will not play sound through those speakers. Sound will still play through whatever primary sound device you use though, i.e., speakers or headphones.
  17. Thank you for your time everyone especially CraigN
  18. Anytime, glad we could be of help :)
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