Fresh Win 7 install locking up repeatedly (NOT while gaming)

Immediately after fresh install(Win 7 ultimate) on SSD it started freezing. No black screen, no blue screen, just frozen mouse with audio buzzing. The first freeze came while installing Chrome and before installing any video/audio drivers.

I finally managed to get through the BIOS update and poof, problem gone for a full 24 hours. Since then, it's been back and almost completely isolated to browsers/video streaming. I am completely stumped!

Things I have noticed:

- Streaming video produces this freeze within 1 minute almost every time
- Has happened on just the desktop but only a few times(not since last reformat)
- Has NEVER happened when under load or when gaming
- Sometimes will be fine for hours at a time, only to return later
- Happens in any browser
- Games are installed on a HDD while programs causing the lockup are installed on the SSD

Things I have tried:

- All temps are well within acceptable range when idle and when under load
- Updated all mobo drivers
- Updated all flash, audio, video drivers
- Memory tests had 0 errors (ran for 10 hours)
- Disabling hardware acceleration in flash does nothing
- SSD tests all error free
- Rolled back version of Flash, disabled duplicate chrome plugin, didn't help
- Uninstalled Nvidia HD Audio driver
- Disabled all Add-ons
- Disabled Google Updater in services.msc
- Many more


Intel i7 4770K @ 3.5 Stock
MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming
G Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB @ 1866mhz
Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB SSD
EVGA Geforce GTX 770 4GB
650w 80+ Bronze PSU

I have spent countless hours trying everything I have searched and thought of with no change whatsoever. I appreciate all help that can be provided, thank you.
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    You might have to do a fresh install. Make sure you install the drivers in the following order
    1- mobo drivers (chipset drivers)
    2-usb drivers (if any)
    3-intel drivers
    4-display/graphics drivers
    5-netwrorking drivers (if any)
    6-audio drivers
    7-any remaining drivers can be install in any order at this point.

    installing drivers out of order can cause the issues you are having...that or a hardware issue, But i think this is a simple driver issue.
  2. I ended up just giving up and reformatting last night. Took my sweet time and did windows updates before any other drivers and made sure to reboot between driver installs. Everything seems fixed at this point, but time will tell.
  3. Reformat did NOT fix this issue. Everything was fine for 2 days then today the lock ups returned and I am again back to being unable to watch any video for more than 2 minutes before lock up. This is maddening.
  4. That's no Bueno. Do you have another hard drive to test with? Have you tried one stick of ram at a time?
  5. The_One_and_Only said:
    That's no Bueno. Do you have another hard drive to test with? Have you tried one stick of ram at a time?

    I built my brother the exact same PC a few months ago, so I have the benefit of being able to test all the hardware. Tonight I will be heading there with my SSD to swap into his machine so I can test if it's a hardware issue. Only problem is this issue seems to disappear for a day at a time, so it could cause some confusion.

    What really confuses the hell out of me is how the circumstances keep changing. Right now its ONLY videos in Chrome causing the lockups but previously it was doing it even with Chrome uninstalled.
  6. Tried SSD in my brothers pc for a while with no lockups, but I was able to stream video for 3 or so hours once I got home before it locked up. So i'm calling that one inconclusive.

    Ran Memtest for 10 hours, 0 errors.
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