AMD FX 6350 or 8320?

As I head to microcenter to take advantage of one of their fabulous bundles the FX 6350 and 8320 are the same price. Was wondering if there's any reason I shouldn't get the 8 core CPU?

Also I've pretty much decided on a 990 motherboard but kinda on a budget for now so I'm going with the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3? If I could afford the sabretooth I would. But is this going to give me decent performance with a slight OC for now? Trying to keep everything open for future upgrades but no knowledge of what the next line of CPUs will bring
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    Get the 8320 if they're the same price. More cores can't hurt. The Gigabyte board you're looking at should be more than enough, and is actually a good board. Used it for my ex college roommate's build and it's working fantastic. Unfortunately the FX line hasn't seen an upgrade in a year in a half and AMD has been mum about a new FX chip, so your guess is as good as any of ours :\
  2. Get the 8320, unless there's a little difference in psu strength that couldn't handle the 8320 then you have no problem.
  3. They're both 125W TDP processors. Won't be any difference in PSU requirement.
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