gtx 780ti max temp issue's

hi i have a gtx 780ti in an nazxt guardian 921rb case and my card hits 70-83 degree's while ill play games such as assassins creed 4 and metro1, 2.
i was just curious if i should be worried about temps like this or not ?
tell me if i should post the rest of my comp specs
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  1. Those are pretty normal temperature ranges for the 780 Ti.

    Which model of the 780 Ti do you have? If it's EVGA or ASUS, they tend to have software you can set a more aggressive fan profile for if you want to keep the card cooler, but this comes at a cost of the fan getting louder.

    GPU Boost 2.0 works on temperature, so the software sets a temperature target, then goes to 100%, and spins up the fans as fast as it needs to in order to stay at 100% at that temperature target. You can generally use software like ASUS's GPU monitoring utility or EVGA Precision X to set the temperature target manually.
  2. I've got the asus card. I dont thing that the asus gpu tweak software has a manual speed option sadly, but as long as my cards ok running at temps like that i dont mind
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    It should have a Fan Speed setting. There should be a button at the bottom that says Manual and then you can click User Defined and set up a custom fan profile based on what temperature it hits.
  4. ok it says the fan is running at 37 % now that the card is running at 57degree's it does say however that it was running at 90 % when the gpu was at 83 degrees so i'm assuming its automatic
  5. It should be set on auto, yes. If you go into User Defined, you can make it so it ramps up faster or slower, as you see fit.
  6. thank you very much i cant believe i didn't notice the settings lol
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