What do I connect my anti static wrist strap to when building my PC?

Just ordered my first PC to build on my own- A big thanks to everyone who assisted with helping me pick the parts.

But I also went and bought an antistatic wrist strap-

The instruction say to connect the alligator clip or snap to the grounded work surface.

My question is- what the heck will be my grounded work surface? Is there something I connect this to on my case as I'm working or?

This is all new to me :(
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  1. Any bare metal of your case. TBH you don't need the strap at all. You should get in the habit of touching your case before you touch any components to discharge yourself. Since you already have the strap ordered the hdd bay is probably a good place to hook it so it won't get in the way.
  2. You want to clamp it to bare metal on your PC case. And make sure that it's tight on your wrist. Not so tight that circulation is cut off, but you want a good connection. :)
  3. You can connect to your case, at least thats what i do whenever i build. Or you can attach it to the table, as long as the surface is non conductive
  4. Hello... Something that is a metal frame that is plugged into a wall socket ground/three prong Plug... your electrical system in your house is connected to Earth ground... Also your water pipes are.
    Your case is NOT Grounded, unless you have your Power Supply installed/screwed to it, and plugged into the wall, with a 3 prong plug.
  5. Your case will be grounded through your PSU once it is installed and connected to the grounded wall plug. That being said, you do NOT want to plug in your PSU until after you have built the PC. So you will need to connect you wrist strap to some other grounded connection. At any rate that all comes back to connecting it to the ground pin of the wall plug.
  6. I have this feeling. That I'm going to fail miserably and end up paying one of my buddies to build it for me :x
  7. jwall5352 said:
    I have this feeling. That I'm going to fail miserably and end up paying one of my buddies to build it for me :x

    You'll be fine. Just take your time. Ask questions where you have doubts. Don't rush through it and enjoy it! It's nice to sit back after a build with the self-satisfaction that you do it yourself. :)
  8. Hello... a common Repair Station will use a metal 120v Outlet cover, and attach metal to it for the wrist quick connection.

    You gather Static Charge by walking over carpet and floors with socks or shoes... Touch a Grounded Metal Surface before touching parts, Don't walk around with parts in your hand... Keep parts in their packaging when transporting them to your work place.
  9. Last question before I start asking real questions the day I build it :P

    Any youtube videos I should watch before starting?
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  11. Oh well crap. Literally one last question. Is there anything else I need to buy to build this PC that won't come with the parts that I ordered?
  12. LOL What parts did you order?

    Everything listed there :P
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