I am building a custom build desktop review appreciatef

I am putting to gether a new desktop and just want to see if I have balanced the components rightr or if there equivalent better solution. Thank you in advance

Corsair ATX MiDi oN Corsair Vengeance C70 AW( CC-9011019-WW ) 112,79 €
Mushkin Mushkin DIMM 32 GB DDR3-2133 Quad-Kit ( 994125 ) 278,44 €
MSI MSI Z87-G45 Gaming ( 7821-001R ) 141,20 €
LG CD Blu-ray LG BH16NS40 bulk black( BH16NS40.AUAU10B ) 79,69 €
Corsair PSU Corsair full RM 1000 silent 172,27 €
Benq Monitor HD Benq GW2760HS 27" inch 207,92 €
INTEL INTEL CPU CORE i7 4770K (BX80646I74770K) 298,00 €
SAMSUNG Solid State Disk Samsung 840 EVO Series 256GB 2,5" SATA3 Pro 183,18 €
WD Western Digital 1TB Velociraptor, 1TB, 3.5inch-10000rpm, 64MB SATA, 6GB/sec, WD1000DHTZ 199,33 €
SD card reader 41,34 €

postage 23,55 €

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  1. if this is for getting your email its overkill

    if its for gaming its a bit too tryhard and wastes a lot of money for no performance
  2. What you mean what could I change to keep the performance and reduce price?
  3. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i can make the necessary changes in time. Near in mind that prices in Greece are higher that the US and most things are fond with a middleman importing it. I have read carefully all the review of each item but while in theory his should be a very performing PC just below top current commercial specs. I need however to have a look a the whole machine and see if those all part are compatible and worth being put together. An experience eye down there might be ale to get a hint,
    Thanks buddies,

    So far I have bought the CPU and the monitor.
    Thanks again for your help
  4. Any suggestion welcomed. I customise it to be a strong multi task workhorse

    Outlander_04 said:
    if this is for getting your email its overkill
    if its for gaming its a bit too tryhard and wastes a lot of money for no performance
  5. Best answer
    What are you using this computer for?
  6. IT s a home desktop computer meant to be able to do pretty much everything at a decent speed. Mostly for my own uae. The list chosen the aforementioned components ere selected after careful review of the whole picture for someone h
    who is been out of the game for the past 10 years. I mainly use my computer for the following activities:

    competitive gaming
    watch and stream HD movies
    file sharing / Home network
    High quality Audio
    Photo hub - card reade style for fast access to photos and files
    I am also using it for work (mostly word, excel.ppt and pdfs)
    some Photoshop but more amateurish

    I tend to buy just below the high end so the specs can last me couple of years. I still use my 2005 PC with a 8800GT and still has some punch.Ideally i chose a case sufficiently mobile and easy accessible to both move the unit if required or open it to upgrade in few years. the 1000W hopefully will make sure for that.
    Please any feedback will be highly appreciated!
  7. Even 16 gig of RAM is overkill . Be smart and by low voltage 1600 MHx kit of 2 x8 gig

    You need , at most , a 650 watt psu

    Velociraptors are noisy . Since you have the SSD to boot from use A WD Blue , and consider getting a second to mirror in RAID for data security
  8. Thanks for your contribution your recommendation comes highly appreciated.
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