looking to buy a new graphic card on tight budget to play latest games at medium to high settings

my pc specs:
ASRock N68C-GS FX motherboard,
amd fx-6100,
2 gb ram,
450 w corsair monitor resolution is 1366*768.i want to play all latest games on medium to high settings.which graphic card will be good for me out of these?

sorry for putting so many different links.but im on tight budget.please help me choose,
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  1. How much is your budget?

    A Radeon 7850 or 265 would be more than enough to handle high settings on most games. Stepping up to a R9 270 would be perfect for high settings at 1080p.

    I don't know much about the nVidia equivalents other than the 750 Ti is a beast for the little amount of power it draws.
  2. there is a Asus GeForce GTX 760 2GB for around £190 you can play latest games quite well for a low price with that.
  3. u will need a better power supply for sure and much more ram 8GB (2x4GB).
  4. what about the 7770?
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    The 7770 is a great choice and will be able to play on high settings at 1366x768. You won't need to upgrade your power supply or RAM, but a little more RAM wouldn't hurt...think about adding another 2gb stick when you get the money.
  6. a gaming pc at 2GB DDR3 is ridiculous, if anything 4GB. if you dont belive me, check out latest game requirements
  7. and the r7 240?is it not good for medium to high setting on lower resolutions of about 1280*720?
  8. agree with xniosy, 8gb is necessary. But theres no need to go GTX 760 on a tight budget. Even a 750TI would play at medium settings at 1920x1080p and trust me, medium settings still look amazing. if you go high/ultra then there's not MUCH difference except the FPS drop. So here are a few contenders:
    - GTX 750ti
    - GTX 650ti
    - Radeon 7850/7770

    IF you can save up then go 7870. That's what the next-gen consoles such as the PS4/XBOX ONE use.
  9. i agree with above but it depends on what u mean by tight budget i guess.
  10. The 240 pales in comparison to the 7770, in Metro on Low settings at 1280x720 the 7770 puts out 95fps average while the 240 only puts out 40fps average. Definitely go with the 7770 if you can afford it.

    And definitely upgrade your RAM soon, 8gb isn't really necessary for 720p/1366x768 gaming, but 4gb is pretty necessary for the newer games.
  11. my budget is 100-110 $
  12. yeah get a GTX660 or something
  13. thanks everyone.i really appreciate your precious time.but can i install a 7770 on my motherboard?
  14. Yes, your motherboard has one PCIe slot which is where you'll install the 7770
  15. thanks everyone and especially s4in7
  16. 7770 is a pcie 3.0.will it work on pcie 2.0?
  17. Yes, PCIe 3 is backwards compatible with PCIe 2 :)
  18. thanks so much for helping me.
  19. No problem! Enjoy your rig :) If you're gonna play Titanfall my username is BLUEhonor
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