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So guys, we all [some of us if not all] may have played GTA 5 on the Current-Gen consoles, but still we're waiting for the PC version......For extensive modding [ESP]....So my question is When is the probable date for release of GTA 5 PC Version and What would It's price would be?

I'm actually saving up money to buy it [If it comes out on PC] and for Watch_Dogs so....Probable price of GTA 5 PC ?
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  1. $60+ or £40-45
  2. There is no release date, and no probable one. The way I understand it right now, there is no pc version full stop, not even in development.
    Its a last gen console game, they very well may skip releasing this on pc all together.

    If it does come out for pc, it will be around the £40 mark (GBP), which will be over priced for a last gen game.
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