Connected USB device doesn't show in Device Manager/'view by connection'

I have GA-990FXA-UD3 - Gigabyte motherboard and windows 8.1 pro, it works well. However, some port acts weird. Actually it happens with other motherboards, too. I have another machine with windows 8 and AsRock motherboard.
I have 6 usb ports.
port 1,2,3,4 works good, which means, it shows the usb thumb drive is connected in computer management/device manager/view by connection.
But port 5,6 doesn't show the thumb drive, but the thumb drive is mounted with no problem. Why these two ports don't show what's connected to usb port?

No matter where I connect the thumb drive works, but I wonder why the last two ports don't show in device manager. I usually select view then 'view by connection' to see which usb hub is connected to the thumb drive, but it doesn't show when i connect to usb port 5,6. You may ask why I care if the drive works. I have a custom application which scans all usb connected devices to work with it.

My computer shows the usb thumb drive, but it doesn't show in device manager when I select 'view by connection'. What does it mean?
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  1. are you saying that it works good on USB 2.0 ports but not on USB 3.0 ports?
  2. right click on my computer then properties then device manager click on disk drives click on your drive than click unninstall let is do its thang you are gonna wait some time but after its done unplug it than reconnect it it will work :D wualla
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