Cannot format my netbook anymore

Today I installed XP on my old Compaq netbook (1gb RAM, Intel Atom, 2009 model). However during the process, errors occured and kept pressing enter until all messages were gone. Now the XP looks like it is broken. No wallpapers, programs don't run etc. Now I try to reinstall the XP but it keeps saying "Local Disk D is corrupted, cannot continue, aborting sequence." What now?
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  1. is this a licensed copy of xp? do you have another hdd you can try?
  2. Bad_Kitty13 said:
    is this a licensed copy of xp? do you have another hdd you can try?

    It is legit and I don't have any other disk to perform.
  3. Hi

    Is this a re install of XP
    Or changing from Linux
    It seems strange the problems are from local disk d:

    XP should go onto c:
    There may be a recovery partition which is no longer hidden causing problems

    Are you installing from a USB DVD drive ?

    I would find out what brand of hard disk you have
    Get a bootable ISO of hard disk diagnostics for your brand of hard disk
    Then burnt ISO to cd
    Boot off cd and test hard for errors
    If it passes test
    Re start install of XP
    Look at what partitions exist

    Format the partition you intend to install XP on

    Best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  4. The ISO was somehow broken
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