HELP! Cant turn computer on past initial splash screen..

Alright here goes... Im not exactly a computer expert when it comes to fixing file corruptions or anything of the sort so bear with me on this one...

So I used my computer as normal until one day when I tried to turn it on it prompted me with the startup recovery repair screen where it told me that it was recommended for me to run system repair, while im familiar with the system repair loop Im not sure whether this is the same problem because after that initial launch I did try to repair my computer using the system repair tool yet it loaded the files and delivered me to a blue screen before freezing. Ever since then it has never gotten past the initial splash screen where I can open the start up menu but the screen simply goes black after that. Any help would be great :)
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  1. is this laptop/desktop, custom/factory/prebuilt, windows vista/7/8?
  2. Bad_Kitty13 said:
    is this laptop/desktop, custom/factory/prebuilt, windows vista/7/8?

    Oh sorry I should of tottaly said that, its a dekstop and a factory computer, windows 7 as well..
  3. what is the make and model
    ex: hp pavillion
  4. 1. Check BIOS to see if first boot is the HDD or does BIOS recognize the HDD.
    2. Use W7 (which version of W7) media disc and attempt to Startup-Repair.
    3. MBR might be corrupted, you can also fix MBR with the W7 disc.
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