fx-6100 bottleneck with this cards?

I have a amd fx-6100 cpu and a msi 6700. Im looking for an upgrade for my gpu and considering the Sapphire 260x or the XFX 7850. Here, the 260x i way cheaper (like 60 dollars!) but i could buy the 7850 anyways if the difference in fps i high... my concern is if the 7850 will bottleneck with my CPU, because i wont be upgrading the cpu in some time.
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  1. Nope, no bottleneck with that card/CPU combination.
  2. Nope. I would expect some heavy bottleneck with cards like 770 or r9 280x.
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    No bottleneck

    in relative performance the 7850 is about 18% better.
  4. Cool! Thank you for the quick answers!
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