NZXT Phantom (original) Cooling - H100i or H80i - Exhaust Needs


I recently purchased and installed a H100i on my NZXT Phantom case. However, by doing so I'm not sure if I extremely limited my exhausting capabilities or not. When I put on the H100i, I removed my top two 200mm exhaust fans, and where my H50 was (120mm in the top back of the case) is now my only exhaust.

My other fans include the 2 side 120mm's, a 200mm side, and a front (either 120 or 140mm I forget), and they are all intake.

Temps are great, but not much better than the H50 when gaming.

Do I not have enough exhaust? Would I be better off with the H80i in the back as a push/pull intake and putting back the 2 200mm exhaust top fans in?


Also, in case it matters...

Everything else
18GB ram
2 GTX 480s in SLI
2 SSD's (raid 0)
2 2TB Hard drives
H100i (currently)
1000w power supply
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