Toshiba Satellite L770 Model Number- PSK3WC-04M01D wont power up (power light flashes white)

So when I hit the power button with just the battery in, the laptop does not start up. After pressing the power button the power light indicator flashes white once, but then nothing happens. The CD drive light is constantly blinking green. This randomly happened. I was trying to bypass the bios password because I had forgotten it, so maybe the C mos battery being taken out for 3 days + did something or my shorting out the jumpers attempt.
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  1. Hi, if you cracked the BIOS chip, you need to replace the chip with a new one.
  2. How would I know that's the case? how much does this cost me.
  3. I made a joke, password cracking, chip cracked, I do not help to bypass the password, sorry.
  4. That's not my question. I'm asking what the light sequence means on my laptop, and why my laptop is not powering on.
  5. But your problem is in direct relation with the action you took to crack the password.
  6. here's a video link of my problem, if someone can offer some expertise it would get greatly appreciated.
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