Please help! Annoying sound from first build

Hey guys. Need your help desperately here. This noise is slowly making me insane. First I suppose I should tell you what kind of system I have

Hyper 212 EVO
EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked
EVGA SuperNova 650W PSU
Samsung EVO 250GB SSD
Western Digital Blue 1TB HD
AsRock Extreme4 Mobo
TD Link wireless card
Asus VS278Q Monitor

There's this noise that comes from my speakers. It's been doing it since I built it about two weeks ago. It's short sound, kinda sounds like a ribbit I guess. It's a strange sound. I was so sure it was a weird type of interference. It makes that sound consistently every 15 seconds or so. However, it doesn't happen all the time. I haven't been able to recreate the situations where it goes away.

I can clear all the wires away from my speakers, tried different speakers, disconnected my wireless card and removed it entirely. Removed my phone and any other wireless devices from my room. Even moved my computer to a different room. All drivers are up to date, as is Windows. The sound isn't a sound it should be making (read: it isn't my wireless connecting and disconnecting or anything like that).

Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? Is there additional info I could provide?
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  1. hi crobillard,
    are you using onboard audio or a sound card ( Internal or External )
  2. mickypheonix said:
    hi crobillard,
    are you using onboard audio or a sound card ( Internal or External )

    onboard audio
  3. Best answer
    have you tried reinstalling the audio drivers ?
  4. Great idea. Last night, instead of uninstalling them I noticed I had two audio drivers. One offered through NVIDIA and the other a RealTek driver offered through my mobo. I disabled the NVIDIA one first, but then I got no sound after restarting them, so I swapped and disabled the RealTek one instead. I haven't the sound since. It doesn't mean much since the sound isn't consistent. I'm home all day today, so I'm going to blast the sound on my computer and listen if it happens today. If it doesn't I'll the best answer at the end of the day. Thanks for your help. Pretty simple fix. I'm glad I didn't have to go insane.
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