Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 driver failing

Hey guys, I have been having some trouble with my graphics card for the past few months, searching all over the internet with nothing fixing my issue. I ugraded from a GTX 550ti to a GTX 650 regular and I have been having a lot of stuttering while in game (World of wacraft) but I think that is mainly due to my cpu. Anyways to help with my performance I have been trying to update the graphics driver because mine is from 2012, I have tried installing the past 4 driver updates, mainly the newest one being the 335.23 driver and every single driver I try says failed next to the graphics driver. I have tried everything from downloading drivers off of multiple websites, to running Geforce Experience and going to drivers and it recommends the 335.23 driver, and same thing driver failed. I am not the smartest when it comes to computers but I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong!

Here are my current specs
AMD FX 4170 Quad Core 4.2ghz
8gb Ram
Windows 7 64 bit
Nvidia Geforce GTX 650
Cool Master Elite Power 460w power supply

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. you need to uninstall the driver completely first when this happens. I use Driver Fusion when I need to do a clean install.

    this will leave some registry entry's but it will be OK if it does. Run the program then restart. reinstall the new driver from and you will be fine.
  2. Thanks for the reply gunner, Ill give that a try and report back! One question, usually when I uninstall the current driver threw device manager once I restart the computer it boots back up in a lower resolution 1600x900 rather then 1920x1080, but then within a minute or too of my computer being back on something automatically installs the driver from 2012 and in my bottom right on my menu it says GTX 650 installed correctly, is this normal? Im not just sure if once I run Fusion and restart if it will automatically install the driver again before I can install the new one! Thanks!
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    windows will install a generic driver to replace the missing driver. This is what is installing when you use the device manager. Using driver fusion will remove all of the Nvidia graphics driver and control panel in one shot. It is normal that when the driver is uninstalled that the screen resolution changes.

    I recommend downloading the driver first before the uninstall of the old driver so once the system is up you can install the driver right away.
  4. I had this problem myself with the 650ti.....I tried 2 different approaches: 1) Uninstall all other older drivers EXCEPT the last one---need a fallback in case it fails.....try to reinstall again. 2) Update video driver only with right clicking the adapter in Device Manager----not always recommended (I would prefer nVidia Experience updating, as it controls the any additional software beyond the video driver), but it has come thru twice when I had some nVidia Experience Driver updating issues. bgunner has good advice too!

    But my last experience updating this way got me the last WHQL driver, not just a generic one.

    Hope either helps you out!
  5. Heres my results so far...

    I downloaded a new copy of the driver at this link
    I then downloaded and ran the Fusion program and went to nvidia and it went threw the cycle and then asked me to restart
    Once my computer rebooted I tried to install the driver threw the link I provided above
    The driver then failed like it has every time I have tried

    I also tried to install the driver via the device manager as Pallindrone recommended and it downloaded a driver from 2012

    Here is a screenshot of what the driver said after it ran threw the system check and attempted to install the driver

    Not sure what else I can try, I am feeling like there isn't much I can do because I feel like I have tried everything :( Thanks!
  6. your second link only shows the driver selection page from Nvidia.

    since you have the driver already down loaded dis connect from the internet (remove the ethernet cable OR turn off the wireless card..) Run driver fusion, select Nvidia display and then click delete at the bottom. this will tell you that it can not uninstall all tel it no you do not want to look at the paid version and it will ask you to reboot. Reboot. Once the PC has finished rebooting run the Nvidia installer from your download folder.

    you can then reconnect to the internet.
  7. Hmm weird, link works for me, I'll give that a try and report back, thanks for the help!!
  8. No luck still, I'm gunna try a few older drivers and see how that goes, if that doesn't work im just gunna stick with the 2 year old driver and call it a day haha.
  9. you can also try to point device manager to the download. when you click to update driver it asks you if you want to browse your PC or search the net. click browse and point out the driver in the downloads.
  10. If nothing else works in the traditional methods, you may have to do a system restore before your first driver install...that would take you to the point where the generic Windows driver was installed initially.....from there try a driver install.....good luck!
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