Crossfire 7870 vs other single $300-$400 Graphics Card

I have a 7870 right now, and have no problems. But, if I got another, I would have to get a bigger power supply and OC my processor as well. Suggestions?
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    Hi Small Blaze,

    I would recommend, if you don't want to get a new PSU and OC your CPU, getting a GeForce GTX 770. It's a very good graphics card and is much better than the 7870. You're very right in saying the 7870 is perfectly fine but if you do want to upgrade and don't have a problem changing to nVidia that would be my recommendation.

    This has many reasons why to choose the 770. Only down side of the 770 would be that it's Total Power Draw is 50watts more. So if you have the head space go for it!!

    If not, maybe consider another 7870, what PSU do you have right now and is your Motherboard Crossfire compatible? (Assuming it is)
  2. Since the prices of 7870's is still pretty high I would tend to agree with Liberatas and just get an ASUS GTX 770 DCUII You won't need to upgrade your power supply and you will be able to sell your 7870 for around $200 which cuts your cost of the 770 by over half.

    The GTX 770 is also a great performer and should be able to nearly max any newer game at 1080p resolutions.
  3. I guess you won't go wrong with way. I generally don't like cf/sli sub 200 dollar cards. I would recommend gtx 770 and you can sli that one later for huge preformance gains.
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