Something wrong with case/mobo?

Here are my parts:
I do not have OS installed yet but will be Windows 8.1

I did a test build on the box the mobo was in. Had RAM/GPU/CPU installed, boot it up and it works great. I can see the BIOS and everything.

Inside the case (NZXT H440) I have RAM/GPU/CPU installed in mobo and nothing, no power, no fans turning on.

Take it out of case back onto mobo box again with just RAM/GPU/CPU installed in mobo and it boots up, I can get into BIOS again, I do MEM OK test and it says memory ok, it recognized my cpu....

(I didn't have psu screwed into my case when mobo was in case, it was just sitting in there loosely, not sure if this could of been the issue.)

Any ideas/thoughts?
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  1. Hi D32013 ,

    make sure all your front panel connectors for your case are correctly positioned on your motherboard ( reset switch , power switch , HDD led etc )
    consult your manual or alternatively go to your motherboards manufacturer website. what leads go where on the front panel connector will be in the manual if you dont have one you can download it from their site.

    make sure your 24pin power/20 pin power is connected to your motherboard from your psu
    make sure your 8/4 pin eps power for your cpu is connected from your psu

    make sure your psu is turned on
    then try again

    if your mobo boots and all works on your test bench it should work in your case

    try these steps and see how you go
  2. I'm at work but I will try this when I get home. But I did the same thing last night, I built it out of the case on the mobo box and it ran fine, booted up, got visual display on monitor, bios was working and I even got the part where it ask for boot disk. I did exact same build inside case and nothing.

    Here is a pic of when I first start it up:

    It's weird, something must not be grounded. Soon as it goes into my case, no power on anything.
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