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I have a Comcast Telephony Modem/WirelessRouter downstairs, and the WRT54G set as an access point upstairs. Been working for several years but lately it has been unreliable - having to pull the power to "wake it up" a few times a week for the wireless to be useful. But I do not know the IP Address to go in and check the settings, change the password, check the firmware, etc. It is not [removed]. My default gateway is [removed], but that is the Arris box. How can I determine the ip address of the WRT54G? I've tried guessing at the ip address with no luck. Then I have tried hard resetting the WRT54G - held the reset button in for over a minute - and nothing. Foiled!
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  1. ok, couple of things.

    1) you may have to connect to your linksys by ethernet if wireless or remote management was turned off
    2) when connected to that router what is your ip.....then generally take the first three sets and put 1 at the
    (if not sure how to get the ip...easiest get to cmd prompt window (in windows) and type ipconfig and look at your ip address) the gateway address if listed should match. Now option 2 is if the linksys gives out ip addresses, if you are having the comcast eMTA give out address that will not work and you may have to do a master reset by holding the button in the small hole in the back of the modem for about 60 seconds and that will set back to factory default (not counting firmware updates)
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    The easiest thing to do in this case is to simply reset it to factory settings.
    Since you plan on changing the settings and updating the firmware, just reset it and start over.
    Connect it to a pc or laptop directly by cable, enter the config and make all the changes you need to.
    When you are done doing that re-connect it to the Comcast router.

    A couple of important things to keep in mind:

    1. Turn OFF the DHCP (your Comcast will handle that) - I would also turn off all router related settings like firewall, nat etc. They are all handled by the Comcast router.

    2. Assign it a manual IP address (so you can find it when you need to). - *It is best to set a static IP outside the range of the DHCP addresses being issued by the main router.

    3. Set your SSID and Password to whatever is set on the Comcast router. - This will allow for seamless roaming throughout the house.

    * You should also enter the Comcast router config to leave a few addresses out of the DHCP address range (pool). Under LAN/DHCP there will be a DHCP start and DHCP end range. If the Comcast router is start the range at like and end it wherever you think is OK. The address assigned to the Linksys should be between 2-9. Doing this will assure that there will be no address conflicts in the future.

    If you need any more info just holler!
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