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Hi guys I have a computer and I have just changed motherboards and something has happened, I have plugged everything in well and my CPU fan is spinning but my graphics card is not, however after running it for a bit I could feel it getting hotter, I have re applied thermal paste twice, checked my CPU power cable and my 24 pin power cable as well. I have also reseated RAM, all in their proper places. All cables have been accounted for also when I turn on the computer the CPU power phase led light jumps to four when I boot, here are my specs
MSI 970A-G46
AMD Fx 4130
Radeon HD 7750
Windows 7
2 sticks 4gb each
Antec Vp 450

Thank you guys so much for your help
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  1. So unless you manually shut off the fans, it sounds like they failed. I mean, I can plug my card into my board with only power through the pcie slot and still get the fans to spin.
  2. Well the graphics have worked just an hour before I tried again and I didn't do much with it, a weird thing is that my motherboard still powers on even though I don't have the 8 pin CPU power and the 4 pin main power connected, only the 20 pin is plugged in, that makes me think hardware relayed to the motherboard
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