Atom D525 vs E1-2100 vs Celeron J1800

I'm currently using an Atom D525 (from BOXD525MW cpu/mobo/vga combo) for a low-power computer which the only purpose is to run surveillance cameras

It is working perfectly, the only problem is the lack of HDMI connector so i am stuck with analog VGA D-SUB and it sucks.

I want to buy a new motherboard/cpu combo (FANLESS is very important) only to get HDMI output (i don't trust usb to HDMI adapters, they all have bad reviews).

I can't decide between those 2 options:

Intel Dual-Core Celeron J1800 SoC (2.41 GHz)
Intel HD Graphics

ECS (EliteGroup) KBN-I/2100
AMD E1-2100 Dual Core processor (APU)
AMD Radeon HD 8210 graphics

Whichever one i chose, i don't want to end up with something less powerful that the Atom D525 i am already using.

Which one should i chose ?

Also, both motherboards says that it only supports DDR3 1333... Does that means that i won't be able to use my 1066 ram with it ? (Crucial 2GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1066 PC3-8500)
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  1. HAHAHA!!!! !The Celeron wins in a complete landslide. Although the APU has a lot better graphics, you can't do anything with a 1Ghz CPU.

    And yes, if it only support 1333, then you'll have to use that.
  2. That's what i thought but i didn't understand why the celeron is cheaper than the APU... weird...

    Anyhow... Is the celeron better than my Atom ?
  3. Yes. It's a improvement. And the Celeron's older technology, I think.
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    The Celeron J1800 was launched last quarter, the 4th quarter of 2013, it's not old by any means:

    According to the PassMark website, the Celeron J1800 is ranked #1113, with a Passenger CPU Mark (score) of 1,190. The AMD E1-2100 is about half as powerful, scoring only 607 and ranking #1402 (lower ranked than 1113).

    The Atom D525 is over three years older than the Celeron, and about half as powerful, more at the level of the AMD E1-2100:,78866,42915,29765,78866,42915,29765
  5. Oh, okay, thanks. I was thinking of the wrong Celeron processor, then.
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