Full Screen Video Playback Choppy and Low Res (HD moniter and Video Card)

So when I am watching a video on Youtube and have the video size on the normal size, the video quality is perfect (Full 1080p) with no choppiness. But when I put the video into full screen, the video looks horrible (360p looking) with choppy playback. I checked to make sure I still had 1080p as my Youtube playback resolution and I did. Also my computer should be able to handle playing a full screen video in full HD. I have a Full HD 27-inch Asus moniter and a GTX 760 video card. My computer can play video games in full screen and full HD without problem. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
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  1. Seems like a error from the youtube site. Don't think they will be supporting 1080p in full screen.
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