Best gpu right now

I need a gpu that is really good and can stay cool
The ones I have in thought
R9 270x(180$)
Gtx 760(220$)
Gtx 770(280$)
R9 280 can u guys tell me how big of gap there will be between 270x and 280x also those are the prices I can get them at. I would really like to keep gpu budget under 300$
My current pc
12gb 1600
Corsair tx750
Asus m5a97
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    If can get a 770 under 300 go for that. R9 280x is about the same preformance as 770 and don't recommend it at 400. The difference between 270x and 280x is significantly but not worth 150 dollars more.
  2. Here is a comparison between the gtx 770 vs the r9 280x
    and i would chose the GTX 770 it would work perfectly with your setup and you'll get great Performance
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