Is pentium g2020 is good for avg gaming????and how is intel hd graphics???

Frndzzz.... i am frm india....
I m planning to buy
pentium g2020 2.9 ghz......
intel h61 mobo
2 gb ram
it costs about rs 9000
i have a tight bdgt of rs 9000-10000
i need to play games like fifa12,13,gta 4,far cry 3 etc
how is intel hd graphics for this????
i m not going to buy a gpu now..........
also is there any need to buy a new psu????
my current system is
pentium d 3 ghz
gigabyte 865g
1.5 gb ram..
so pls share your opinion....
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  1. Sorry this would be pretty bad. You would be much better off going with an AMD A series cpu like a A6 or A8.
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    I have no idea about the exchange rate but if you are going to go Pentium go with the Intel Pentium G3220 Haswell 3.0GHz LGA 1150. and get an Intel H81 motherboard. I always prefer discrete VGA cards over integrated video hands down.

    The problem for me is I don't know what is available in your area and what cost are like there. You might look for some gaming blogs in your country to see what your local gamers are using there and what is the best deal for your money there.
  3. I have a g2020 and it is enough for average gaming, I can play most games with a g2020 and a low end card at medium settings (1600x900) or high settings(1366x768) resolution. I will be upgrading my graphics card soon to be able to play titanfall and other games at decent framerates. It still better to get even a low end card than nothing. Integrated graphics is only good for facebook games. btw, increase your ram a bit most games now require at least 4GB of ram.
  4. g2020 with a lower end gpu and 4gig ram..good to go! I have this the g2020 and 560ti, plays every game @ decent frame rates 40 - 60+ fps.4gigs of ram and direct x 11 gpu (important).
  5. re-read my post 1920x1080 res. online play might have to lower res. directx 11 is the key. and most new games require min. 6gig ram.
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