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I just bought an HAF 912 for my new rig, I currently have 1x200m fan and 4 x120mm fans along with a gigabyte gtx760 windforce. What fan setup would you guys recommend. CUrrently I am thinking of putting the 200mm on the front, 2x120mm exhausting up top, 120mm in the rear, and a 120mm intake on the side and adding a filter for dust issues. I also have a hyper 212 evo on my cpu
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  1. 200mm in the front as intake, 1 rear exhaust, 1 top exhaust right above 212 Evo.

    212 Evo should either push or pull air upward into that top exhaust fan.

    Rest of the fans are just going to be extra noise.


    2 front 120mm intake, 1 rear exhaust, 1 top exhaust directly above Evo 212, same direction for Evo 212.
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    Maybe stick the 200mm up top and have 2 120mm on the front. Better flow through the drive bays. Yeah grab some dust filters for sure
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