motherboard does not support AHCI mode

I have an HP pavilion dv6 running Win 7 in which I'm trying to upgrade the hard drive from a WD1tb blue drive to their black2 dual drive. I've run into a problem in that it requires the BIOS to be set to AHCI mode but when I search for that setting it doesn't seem to be available/displayed. Has anyone else come across this issue? Any suggestions on how to resolve it?
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  1. try the following in Windows

    Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools and click on System Information

    browse to Components > Storage > IDE

    is the controller listed as IDE or AHCI?

    it could also be that the controller is listed under SCSI which means it would be in RAID mode
  2. It'll be good if u check for ur MB capability, first before going ahead with this., cause not all CPU supports it.,
  3. Under storage it lists => drives, disks, SCSI and IDE. It displays the disk information on the SCSI tab and nothing on the IDE tab.
  4. is it an Intel Raid Express Chipset?
  5. Looking at the system information on HP support assistant it says the system board is a 181b 52.24 with an Intel i7-3610QM processor and 12gb of memory installed. It's running the Insyde bios. When I first installed the drive the bios was version F.29 but I rolled t back to version F.24 thinking that earlier I remembered seeing a setting for the AHCI, IDE or Raid drive setup.
  6. Yes, Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller
  7. the reason it says AHCI is the Trim support which should also be supported under this chipset as long the drive is not configured as part of a RAID like RAID-0 or RAID-1
  8. Uh, you lost me a little on the "Trim" support. I know WD advises that the system cannot be configured in raid mode. To access the HDD portion of the drive you need to run some partitioning or installation software available through the WD download site. Apparently, if the system is not running in AHCI mode the installation software cannot detect the drive's presence and fails to run and initialize the HDD portion of the drive.
    Here's a link to the product info page, if that helps
  9. Trim is for SSD drives what Defrag is for HDD drives.

    if you would use defrag on an SSD you will reduce the life expectancy of the SSD
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