Installing Drivers for new motherboard ?

I have recently received my MSI Z87-G45 and I was wondering what drivers would I need to install? Would I also need to install the BIOS updates as well? I am planning to put it onto a USB and install all drivers before connecting to the internet. Any other tips are welcomed. Thank you
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    Best bet would be hop on the net and download all the latest drivers an latest BIOS and update all, they had a few issues that were addressed by BIOS updates and mobo drivers both, and those that came on the disk with the mobo are prob outdated already
  2. This MSI board has over different drivers. Do I download literally ALL the drivers/utility/bios?
  3. Yes, each apply to different areas of the mobo, the chipset driver is what I normally run first, RAID is sort of optional as many don't set up RAIDs
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