Does backing up files, and then restoring them create a bootable disk?

I currently have 2 250gb hard drives. One internal and one external. Also a 40gb WD internal. Basically I had a hard drive that failed on me and I backed up my files using windows basic backup program to my 250gb internal hard drive. My 40gb has windows installed on there temporarily, and I need to end up with my whole Windows files and everything including my backup files onto my 250gb internal. I am using a disk cloner to clone my 40gb to my 250gb external. Great, works fine, but I have a huge amount of unallocated space, so I can't copy my backup files onto it without having to format the drive losing the clone. So my questions are- does the backup file folder thing create a bootable disk when I restore the files? What's the easiest way to end up with the final product I need?
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    "Great, works fine, but I have a huge amount of unallocated space"

    All you need to do is create a partition ( new simple volume) on that unallocated space, then format it.
    You can do that in the Disk Management console:

    Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

    You will then be able to copy your files to that new partition.
  2. I actually ended up just extending my main partition on the external drive, and am currently restoring all the files onto that drive, then I'll just put the folders in the right place and clone the external onto the internal.
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