Computer freeze when launching certain browsers and launching games cause a black screen and a loud static noise

My current build: i7 4770k
Gigabyte GeForce gtx 770 2gb
Asus Maximus v1 motherboard
8gb of gskill riptide ( if I remember correctly) ram
Standard optical drive and a 1tb hard drive
700w rose will psu

Hello, i really need some help here. It seems that whenever I attempt to load a browser and sometimes during startup my computer freezes untill I restart it. And also, when I attempt to launch a such as
Logging into league of legends or launching titanfall, my PC will black screen and my headset makes a violent static noise but, before you go and blame the hardware you should know that games such as skyrim and tf2 work perfectly off steam. Thank you for your help and response as I have just built this computer and would like to play all the games I can off it :D. On a side note : I have about 160 windows updates that I can't do because the computer crashes during them and they fail.
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  1. This gonna be for sure hardware issue, doesn't matter some applications work fine, but it seems some component is being frozen during some specific application call to the hardware. Static noise only proves it has to be hardware, either its sound card or mobo. If its mobo side then it also can be a PSU/CPU/Overheating issue.
  2. Well Senpai.

    To narrow it down.

    First you should do a memory test of the 8gb of riptide.
    If you receive any sort of errors.

    Then it can relate to a fact that.

    A. The memory is broken in some way causing the random crashes in a game or when using such a thing as a browser, or why windows does not load and becomes stuck at the logo.

    B. The memory is overclocked far beyond its speed rating, Or the timing settings of it are set wrong for the speed it is running at.

    C. the voltage of the memory dim is not set right in the bios when it was auto detected.

    Stated settings of Riptide modules.

    DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)
    Timing 7-7-7-21
    Cas Latency 7
    Voltage 1.5V

    Check the settings in the bios is they differ then change the values manually to what is stated.

    By the look of it since it happens on loading windows, browsers, or games it`s the problem.

    Your next step is to check how hot the Cpu is getting.
    So temp monitor it. Any hight temp in the 80c range will cause a lock up of the cpu.

    You can monitor the Idle temp in the bios.
    If it`s high at idle then it can relate to a badly fitted cooler.

    If you installed windows, you must make sure you installed all of the drivers for the motherboard after it from the mobo driver cd/dvd.

    What you left with then is the question of the PSU.
    It may be 700w, but what also matters is how many amps it can provide on the 12v power rails.
    To drive things like a GTX 770 card, as well as the rest of the system.

    That can cause random freezing or crashes as power is not distributed smoothly or evenly.
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